I’m hopelessly behind on everything, so instead of trying to make any progress on anything I’m running a 99 cent promotion on my book.

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Mini Tables Made with Scrap Wood

What you need: - Scrap wood - Measuring tape, pencil, saw, hammer, nails - Paint and/or wood stain Total cost: - $5 USD / $34 TTD - prorated cost of the spray paint Kevan's grandmother recently had her pool house torn down, which means free scrap wood for me! This is not make-furniture-to-last-a-lifetime wood. This … Continue reading Mini Tables Made with Scrap Wood

Super Duper Cheap DIY Trash Can

If you're anything like me, your dreams of an HGTV-worthy living situation and your actual reality are light years away from each other. There are people who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars making everything in their bathroom match . . . poor, twenty-something me is not one of them. My main goal for … Continue reading Super Duper Cheap DIY Trash Can

DIY Apartment Marathon

In one week Kevan and I will get the keys to our new apartment, and in three weeks we'll leave for our wedding in the States. That's a tight timeline for all the work that has to be done!   If you've been following, you might have guessed that we picked option number two as … Continue reading DIY Apartment Marathon

Apartment Hunting in Trinidad

Throughout this whole process I have been thinking of our apartment search as an episode of House Hunters International. Well, international for me. For Kevan it's House Hunters National. Our budget: 4000TTD/600USD per month Our priorities: - Close to Kevan's work - Spaces to entertain 6-8 people - Outdoor space for plants (I LOVE PLANTS) … Continue reading Apartment Hunting in Trinidad

What it was like playing J’ouvert for Carnival in Trinidad

For those of you that don't know, J'ouvert (pronounced jew-vay) is the shorter, cheaper alternative to the two-day, full-blown party experience of Carnival. It still involves dancing and drinking in the street, but it only lasts for a few hours, beginning in the weeeeee (think 3-4am) hours of the morning on Carnival Monday.   I … Continue reading What it was like playing J’ouvert for Carnival in Trinidad

First time getting the flu in about fifteen years got me like

Seriously. 48 hours ago I felt fine, 36 hours ago there was nothing left in my system, and 24 hours ago I was moaning to Kevan that I┬ásurely have Zika and I must go see a doctor to verify. Turns out (as he told me countless times) it really was "just" the flu. I will … Continue reading First time getting the flu in about fifteen years got me like